Electrical and water infrastructure

Friday, August 4, 2023 2:28 PM

Infrastrucure Photos and Summaries

Electrical and Water Connections

The main water pipe and 2 conduits (one electrical, 8 guage wire and one ethernet wire) runs down the middle of the driveway, and we route the water to a new shut-off that is outside of Teen dome (and was buried so a truck won't run over it).

Layout of toliet and shower domes.

This is where we cut into the water lines from the Bodega to head into the Teen Dome.  This is close to the edge of the northern driveway The 2 orange mangera are carrying electricity and data (Cat 5 and telephone cables) to the bathroom.

water line to right is from Bodega, left line goes into dome (where it ends at sink) and back to the driveway where it contunes on to the bathroom and other domes.

Shut-off valve for all water from Bodega to Teen and other domes.  The water comes from a main line down the center iofthe driveway, to the teen dome, then piped to the outide bathroom. It was been buried to avoid trouble with surface traffic.

August 2023, buried under here. turning this knob perpendicular will shut off water to the outside bathroom dome and beyond. The Teen Dome must be turned off via the sink shut-off valve under the sink.

This grey pipe connects the outdoor bathroom dome to the new bedroom dome.

...where it enters via conduit under the A/C box in the Bedroom Dome.

The main A/C distribution is behind the exterior bathroom domes and is marked with stickers to show water and electricity conduits:

Examining under the concrete floor of the exterior bathroom dome,one can view the main septic pipe - and water pipe that runs toward the faucet in front of property - running toward the sea and the septic tank.

This is the septic pipe leaving the bathroom dome, still waiting to be hooked up to the septic system, once we find it.

We spent hours digging trenches trying to find the septic, or the septic conenction we had built in 2014 for RVs parked in front of our property. No luck.

Here is where we had the septic connection in 2008: