Fixing the 'Dimples' We Made

Monday, May 15, 2023 2:37 PM

Because we over-tamped Eli’s dome, the rustic plaster layer attempted to ‘smooth out’ the error (for a narative on this see the Nov 26 2022 post titled "Teen Dome Closing, Notes on how to close a dome”).  The interior we kept fairly true to the story of our constuction - thus iommortalizing the mistake we made when over-tamping the upper bags.  See the interior before the plastering and notice the roughness of the bag layers near top.

Now notice how we smoothed it out inside.  

But when I retunred in May, they’d neglected to smooth out the top to make a gentle arch, but the time to fix had passed, so we immortalize the exterior dimple as an irregular top arch. I’m sure I’ll stop noticing this eventually :-)

The bedroom / bathrom dome didn't have any architecture issues, but the plaster team did make the same mistake as on the Eli dome - look at how the angle of the arch speeds up at top. Before:

I requested we improve and now it looks lovely :-)