Plastering the Domes - Rough Coat

Tuesday, March 14, 2023 10:45 AM

Benito and Carlos Victoria, two gentlemen from Oaxaca, have been hired by Jose Maria (Chema) to plaster.  I haven’t helped much, except to share the details of how it needs to end up.

Exterior plaster will be colored with a ‘sand’ coloring cement color baked into the ‘fine’ plaster final coat. Interior plaster will use ‘Yeso’ to get a white pollido look on the finished plaster coat.

Because we had a few ‘dimples’ (the Teen and bathroom domes) we decided to use small ’oyster shell-like’ rocks to fiull in space and then plaster over to get a nice, smooth even domed look both exterior and interior.  I also took great care to explain how the finishing needs to look re: the tiles, niches, and lights especially.  I created a ‘cheat sheet’ for each dome so that none of the lesssons were forgotten in my absence.  Once plastering is complete, they will make shelves to mount the two sinks, and then pour the floors with my coloring choices.