The Hootenanny Was a Success

Sunday, November 20, 2022 7:39 PM

Hootenanny II was an amazing experience. The team started to arrive on Monday night and we spent Tuesday getting to know each other. Starting early (7 am) on Wednesday Nov 16 we introduced the Building Team to each other, made a short introduction about the technique, and divided into 2 teams to begin tackling each dome: the Teen and Bedroom domes.  

Susan Bryant made a great video from Day 1 that you can view here.

We avoided using a frame (probably a mistake, in retrospect) so drilled holes to set a strting to get the arc correct for each bag cut. We have been ‘cutting’ the measurements after the rolls have been tamped, even up to 30 hrs later. The cutitng of bags, in lieu of framing with wood, is most successful using a chain (as opposed to a masonry saw) and ‘sawing’ as you can see in this video.  

Here is another video where mother and son (Kate and Eli) are doinhg the job - looks fun, huh?