Window forms and windscoops

Tuesday, December 9, 2008 6:27 AM

We used our last bag of cement at 10 am today, and were promised 2 deliveries that never came. But what a time to break for form building!  Luckily, our day in La Paz on Friday had equipped us for window and outside water heater/satellite kiosk builds. So, the team took to wood work and we knocked out 4 forms (pictured here, which are simply ‘space fillers’ for final windows). These forms will allow us to build up the sunrise and guest domes, and then re-use 3 of the forms for the 3 windows in the kitchen.

Jenille, Ricardo, and I also concluded that the initial design of 1’ wide by 2’ long windscoop windows were to narrow, and now they are 1’ 6” wide and 2’ 6” tall, allowing maximum (we hope) ventilation into the sunrise and guest domes.   We are also leaving the bottom 3 feet of the windsccoop empty, with a plan to place an evaporative water tray here - and maybe plants - to make a nice water cooling feature, as well.  Now it’s a natural ‘swamp cooler’ we’re aspiring to!

We tried to ad 2 local guys to our team, but they would not conform to our schedule of starting at 7 am, breaking at 1 pm for lunch, and working till 5.  They wanted to eat at 10 am, and work from 11 am to 5 pm.  But this is a team game, and we need everyone to play on the same schedule, so we had to let these guys go (they simply wouldn’t budge on food times) and have hired another local guys who is working well thus far. Team is up to 6 now, with Martin’s, me, and Elika arriving this evening.

This project is rocking!