Forms and footprints

Thursday, December 4, 2008 6:18 PM

The foundation is now firm, with either walls of earth or 2 rows of bags around our entire dome  The windscoop is in, all door frames are standing, and we ready for serious bagging.  The teams are working amazingly well together.   The Martin’s are rocking!

We have built eh lower frame for the ‘keyhole door’ and  the frames for 2 interior doors and ‘guest room door’. Now we can lay 3 more feet of bags directly onto these frames.

Christopher Szechey is an amazing worker and regales us with stories the the sustainable building movement of the 70s.   The bathroom & shower are cozy, and joined with a sink!  Hopefully they’ll be joined by and on demand hot water coming form La Paz tomorrow.  This is Ricardo waving behind his first form, with Gonzalo and Arturo holding the door.