The Foundation Takes Shape

Wednesday, December 3, 2008 3:32 AM

We are having an amazingly productive time all working together.  It’s quite magical to have the kids working - Chandler works from 7 am til day’s end at 5 pm.  The gringos and Mexicanos all working together, and learning about construction, earth, and Spanish.  The guy to the right is Isidro, el maestro, and his son, Gonzao, laying foundation bags.

Peggy Kahn added her wit, love for the kids, and new skills in earth construction.  Scott and Savanna had a great time, with Eli and Savanna alternating between pain and love.

We laid two rings into the earth, and then decided to build a form and tie together a fortified earth buttress, instead of using bags as below ground buttressing. Ricardo thought it both more efficient and stronger.  Who knows? It used more earth than bags would have, but was fast to do. It’s taking place and looking strong.