Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 25, 2008 5:25 PM

This was a short work week for us, and very little got done from the gringos, though my crew worked 2 full days. Progress was made, for a 2 day work week, and we are nearing the last 4 rows on the kitchen dome.  We also learned how to plaster from true experts - and after only 4 hours, we are about 25% done plastering the bathroom ‘cylinders’ (bano - toilet and regalerra - shower).

We had Christmas dinner with Anne, Warren (Kate’s parents, who arrived on Thursday), the Martin’s, and us.  Chandler, Evan, and I spearfished 8 fish off ‘our’ reef, bought some fresh tamales (a Navidad tradition), and had a nice evening.  As most nights here, it ended early. though locals were parting late into the night. Then, Amy cooked a beautiful Christmas brunch, complete with sticky buns (a close proximation to our Tweddale tradition of cinnamon rolls) and we had a lazy day sitting and watching whales swim by.  For dinner, we had Francesca cook us up a special Mexican feast (tamales, chile rellenos, empenadas, chicken enchilada, beans/rice, salsa, and rice with greens.  All washed down with cold Coronas and limes.  Not bad way to spend the holiday, and we have LOTS of leftovers for tomorrow!

The Martin's leave on Sat am, but tonight Susan and Shea arrived, and tomorrow Debbie, Paolo, and Annalise arrive from Italy. The party never ends, so work continues apace.  This has definitely not been your average 'house building' process. Lucky for me, the folks have all been great additions, and the building crew very welcoming our our cascading parade of gringos.