Everyone Must get Earthed

Monday, December 1, 2008 6:31 PM

I said it could be done, and it was!  3 generations were bagging today and yesterday.  It’s amazing to see Chandler, Evan, and betsy fully participating in the earth bagging process. And Peggy throwing buckets of stabilized earth to me on a shower wall.  Way cool!    Combining our ‘gringo’ team with the local ‘Mexican’ team (more intros them later) we’re making excellent progress!

We’ve done our soil analysis (yep, pretty perfect - about 10% clay, lots of small and medium sized sandy particles). We decided after 3 different ‘concrete’ tests that a 10% cement mix to 90% local earth mix was perfect.

This team is rocking and rolling, in one week completing a full bathroom and shower (with a sink), digging out the foundation, and starting to lay foundational bags.  We used 14”bags for the bathrooms (not domes, but 9 feet structures) and are using 18” bags for the 15’ Sunrise dome and 15” bags for the 2 12’ domes (Guest and Kitchen Domes).  We made a mistake today and FORGOT to place the foundation lining below the first row of bags (we remembered it for the bathroom domes and had the material - simply in our ‘earth luster’ forgot to place it under the 18” bags. Oh well, we’ll ‘scooch’ ‘em under tomorrow.