first round windows

Friday, December 19, 2008 7:43 PM

I knew I wanted round windows to allow star gazing at night.  But the position had to be ‘solar smart’, so that we didn’t introduce heat during the day. Only east and north facing. But should they open or not? Opening  a’skylight’s present a serious sealing issue, as the likelihood of pooling water is high in a vertically oriented window.   And in a second home, lots of leakage can occur before anyone realizes it...

So, we came up with a plan. Instead of using the skylights to aid in ventillation, we are going to place 8” pipes between the 3 domes at about 80% of the height up, in places nearly invisible. Then, we will use 4” elbow pipes to vent hot air from the top of each dome to the outside (a trick I learned in a Cal Earth book).  This allows each dome breathability during hot times, venting of air between each dome (with, hopefully minimal noise leak), and no need to use skylights to try and open space for ventillation.  So now we can use round windows for star gazing as desired, with the elbow joints allowing us to close off entirely by placing a PVC ‘cap’ onto each vent for the appropriate dome/season/cooling desired.  We’re going to have a very dynamic system that, when combined with the windscoop, will allow for varied results.