Windsccoop thoughts

Wednesday, December 17, 2008 7:24 PM

The tube-like feature shown above was intended to be built on the bedroom dome, so that it bent around between the Sunrise and Bedroom domes.  But with some pondering - and advice from our structural engineer, Elika, who was here for a week - we altered the design. Originally, Jenille had called for the scoop to be ~ 2 feet wide, and have ‘wind openings’ (windows, really) of 1’ x 1’ in both Sunrise and Bedroom domes. But with further analysis, we increased the size of each window to 1.5’ x 2’ to try and get more and better air circulation inside to cool down in summer. 

Then, when discussing ‘air flow dynamics’, we agreed that a larger opening at top than at bottom will likely create the best ‘flow’.  And since each bend in a system reduces ‘flow’, let’s not bend from the position between the Sunrise and Bedroom domes, but rather go straight UP the Sunrise dome and position that big gaping mouth (I’m thinking it’s a snake’s eyes) to the front. Hopefully, it’ll be big enough to place a nice seat so that 2 guitarists can sit astride the snake’s eyes and jam to the Sea...

Since few people we can reach have ever actually built a windscoop, we’re going purely on theory here.

When I came back from picking up Kate and Eli from the airport, the guy had tried to tie the new direction into the main Sunrise dome too quickly, made a few bagging errors, and we had our first experience where we had to tear down 2 bag rows.  No big deal, only about 45 minutes to re-do them and make them perfect.  But our first major error resulting in wasting rows.  Live and was an opportunity to se just how solid & strong these rows are.