Walls Are a Rising

Saturday, December 13, 2008 4:49 AM

It’s hard to think we’ve really stated to see the top of the domes.  All 3 domes now are fully into height rows corbeling inward.  We have used a ‘3 foot springline’, which means we went 3 feet above our finished floor before we started ‘corbelling;’ inward. The Martin’s and are still a full time crew - especially Chandler who ads something to nearly every row. He’s the first tamper called in nearly any row, and our crew has great respect for him. 

I ran into a cash problem, as I was unable to open a bank account till Tuesday. Here in Mexico one needs a water, electric, or phone bill to open a bank account.  But these bills can only occur after > 30 days of service. So, getting a bank account takes at least 2 months!  Anyway, we have patient partners who give me credit, but this is a new feeling for me - unable to pay my bills.

This weekend we’re working on arches over the window frames, so we can re-use the window forms, meaning we’re creating ‘eyebrow’ window arches - wait till you see these - very cool features!   We installed our satellite system on our <newly painted> bodega. But it’s not working yet.  Thanks for sticking with this project, Martin Sandoval!