Keyhole Door

Thursday, December 11, 2008 5:37 PM

We are making progress beyond my plans.  We’re now climbing over all the door, window, and keyhole frames.  Today we laid the height compasses on each dome and have started to corbel inward. Meaning, each row is now getting smaller!  Isidro has taken over the reigns as Ricardo will now spend only part time on site.  But we added Hernan from Boca and Luis from La Ribera and El Cardonal, so all is still going fast and efficient.

Elika arrived last eve, and once again we had a disconnect. She had assumed teh Hide A Way would pick her up in Los Barriles, but no time nor place was confirmed, so she had to end up taking a taxi. She tried to call me but we never hear internet phones ring while working and sometimes only check email/voicemail in the evening or mornings.

We’ve started outdoor cinema nights, which is a lot of fun.