The First structures - bathroom and shower - are up. Foundation nearly ready.

Saturday, November 29, 2008 5:26 AM

We chose an outdoor bathroom complex, and it’s looking cool! The bano is a 6 ft radial earthen domed wall built with 14” bags, standing 5; high from floor (with 3 bags under ground as foundation.  The shower is the same). The two structures are tied together with horizontal bags of 2 feet (for the sink and cabinet, where we’ll store things and where the hot water heater will go). A strand of bar wire ties the 3 structures together.

Also accomplished was the laying out of the Sunrise dome - 2 times. Once on top of the compacted soil to get an outline, and once again after we dug out the soil and decided to reset the dome INTO the earth instead of grading on top and building a retaining wall.

Watching the guys use traditional level and plumb tools was amazing.